Chateau Kirwan Vineyard and Dinner with Wine Pairing

The Château

It’s been a little over a year (28 September 2021) and this dinner is still on my mind. This was a special wine pairing dinner curated by Oceania and it was absolutely fabulous! Other than a late start time, we left the boat at 7PM, the overall experience was wonderful. For this winemaker, they primarily grow Cabernet grapes, along with Merlot and Petit Verdot. The vineyard is located in the Margaux appellation area near Cantenac.

The soil in this area is primarily gravel and clay, which is why the flavors are so layered with a velvety smooth texture. This Bordeaux will blow your mind!

The Vat room

We started our visit in the Vat room. This is the first step to aging. I love that they used the skins from the grapes to “paint” the barrels! Another bit of knowledge I learned today, is that they are only permitted to use the barrels up to three times. After that, they must either replace them, or they can have them refurbished by the original makers. Typically if refurbishing, the winemaker will offer finished barrels to the winemaking staff first. Any remaining barrels they will sell to the public. Oftentimes, people use these “finished” barrels to make furniture.

Capacity is around 300 barrels. That’s ALOT of wine!


There is my husband, up front with the guide! Thank goodness he is so attentive, he helps to fill in my knowledge gaps from not paying close enough attention. I get distracted by all the beautiful wine.

Pretty bottles 😍

Our guide stated that we should be on the look out for 2009/2010 Bordeaux vintages and that 2020 could also be a good vintage. He stated that the 2013 is usually a good vintage for the white Bordeaux.

After the tour, we were led to the dining room. It was a lovely, intimate area and we were greeted with passed appetizers with a wine pairing.

I barely had time to take a picture and enjoy the flavors before we were whisked in to the dining area to be seated.

Dining area

Unfortunately, we were unable to be seated with our family, but we took the opportunity to make some new friends.

Each wine was lovingly poured and thoroughly explained for the course pairings. All in all, it was two hours of incredible food and wine!

Amazing menu

Afterwards, we were allowed to purchase bottles from the vineyard shop. We bought a couple of bottles for the ship and had a full case mailed home.

Our bus made it back to the ship just before midnight and wow, we were all completely wiped out!

A huge shout out to Oceania for organizing this awesome shore excursion. It is definitely one that will not be forgotten! I highly recommend touring the Chateau Kirwan estate, they offer more than wine with their perfume workshops!

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