The Food Guru and The Appalachian Trail Thru Hike 2022

Whelp, it’s gonna happen. The husband and I will be starting our thru hike of the Appalachian Trail at the end of March! I’ve been trying to convince myself that I am just going along for moral support, it’s really “his hike”. But honestly, the reality of walking approximately 2180 miles is starting to sink in and I am coming to the conclusion that this is my hike too. 🤷‍♀️

We’ve prepped and packed and then yep… re-packed our backpacks, maybe 10-times now. His is at about 25-lbs fully loaded. I’m at about 22-lbs.

His pack
Jake-a-lope ready to roll!
My first pack attempt-FAIL! 🤣

Actually, I’m way more focused on the food aspect *shocker* I’m sure! I’ve been experimenting with trail recipes that don’t consist of throwing hot water in a bag. It’s a challenge, but I’m committed to the cause! Live well, Eat well and for goodness sake, drink the good wine!

Spam and noodles with Kale

So, we are starting the trail together and will complete the initial 70-miles together from Amicalola Falls to Hiawassee, GA. Then i have to come off trail until June 1st. My youngest is graduating high school, and i don’t want to miss any of the last few months together!! After June 1st, we will be on trail together until we summit Katahdin, Maine, which is the northernmost terminus of the trail! I will have to flip back down to Hiawassee, to jump back on and finish the miles that i wasn’t able to complete… but by then, my trail legs should be in full beast mode!! 💪🏽

Feel free to follow our journey via our YouTube channel or check in for our updates here!

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Ecology and anything outdoors is my Jam! We love exploring new places and connecting with others over a good meal and wine.

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