Analiese and Jake
Frederick, Maryland

About Us

We are Analiese and Jake and welcome to our blog!  After our recent European trip, we decided that we need to start documenting our travels and observations, to have something to look back on later. 

I (Analiese) am the primary writer for this blog, but my husband does contribute his thoughts and observations.  Sometimes we have a “he said, she said” type of banter and hopefully we are able to convey that within our writings.  Jake is an avid hiker, outdoor enthusiast and appreciates all things music related.  He also enjoys history, art, and architecture.  He appreciates good food, but primarily the wine and they way it opens up conversation. 

I am…well, that’s complicated.  I am an avid food lover.  My love for food comes from my love of gardening and appreciation for the alchemy of flavors.  I also appreciate the way a simple taste can transport me to another place and time.  There is a deep connection to my ancestral roots, which at this point there are so many, sometimes it’s difficult to know which connection runs deepest.  I really enjoy using my camera to capture the soul of a moment…or at least my perception of said moment. 

There is something really special about experiencing other cultures by observing (thus my photography component) and talking to people when we travel.  I am the “stop and smell the roses” person in our relationship.  My husband is the “let’s just get there” and then see what happens person in our relationship.  But these differences work for us and at the end of the day, we love experiencing life with each other and sharing our experiences with our family and friends!

As far as what we “do” in our “real” life?  I assume when people ask me this, they are asking about work.  I tell you what, I won’t ask you if you don’t ask me?  How’s that for a deal? 

Now, let’s focus on REAL life and REAL experiences, with a couple of real folks who love it all!


Analiese and Jake

Analiese & Jake

“Great blog! I could taste the food and was inspired by the beer, wine, and martinis!”


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