Blue Toad Cidery

About 4-miles off trail (an easy hitch) and just east of the Appalachian Trail at Reid’s Gap is Blue Toad Cidery. Devil’s Backbone Brewery is directly across the street, but this place is a hidden gem.

Gorgeous scenery, right along the river! You can cozy up inside or take a seat right along the river to enjoy your cider! Manager, Angela, provided a quick tour of their fermentation facility and explained, “…we brew every thing in house. All the apples are locally sourced through agreements with local apple growers.

We ferment everything in-house and have a contract with a mobile cannery. They come on site when we are ready to can. They bring everything, and it works like a conveyor line. It’s quite the process!!”

Angela, giving me the tour!
Fermentation tanks

I am currently enjoying the Paddy Green Irish Cider. The description states, “dry with a tart finish. Made with 100% Granny Smith apples.” But i was still worried about too much sweetness. 🤷‍♀️ However, this did not disappoint! Slightly tart, very slight hint of sweetness and a whole lot of deliciousness! Very smooth, no ugly tart face here!! Full confession here, I’m on my second pint!!

Paddy Green Irish Cider (not really green at all!)

They only have food on Saturdays here, so you can pack a picnic to enjoy, or go across to DB for lunch.

The property is beautiful with outdoor and indoor seating opportunities available.

They currently offer RV camping only, no tents. But hey, stumble across the street and you can shower and camp at DB! It’s all good on your trail journey!

Happy hiking!!

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Ecology and anything outdoors is my Jam! We love exploring new places and connecting with others over a good meal and wine.

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